Saturday, November 19, 2005

Hay, Hay! Dulce de Leche!

Today’s entry is a twofer – a Raisinhater favorite as well as a post for the Hay, Hay! Its Donna Hay event hosted by Winos and Foodies.

For my first attempt, I used the recipe posted by Nic.

The cupcakes looked delicious …

But tasted nasty. Oooh so nasty. Thick and tough with a weird flavor. Sort of like Irish soda bread. I can only guess that I used baking soda instead of baking powder by mistake? Or forgot the sugar? Blech. They were dreadful. J licked the nutella off the tops and I threw them away.

I made another attempt, this time with Dulce de Leche instead of Nutella.

Dulce de Leche
is a creamy caramel-like spread originally from Argentina, and is a Raisinhater favorite.

Things seemed to be going well until the cupcakes were in the oven for a few minutes. A delicious caramel smell wafted through the kitchen and I peeked in the oven…

GAH, Dulce de Leche melting and dripping everywhere! Gooey sticky mess!! Caramel forever burned on to the bottom of the oven (or until I clean it, which will be never). But with a little cooling and a little shaping I was able to salvage them.

This batch was far tastier and cupcake-ier, but still a sticky mess.


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