Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I’d love to say I discovered Roll and Dough all by myself, but Gothamist and New York Magazine got there a week or two ahead of me. Nevertheless, in case you haven’t heard, Roll and Dough has arrived in Manhattan! Lucky for me, Roll and Dough, located at the corner of W. 3rd St. and 6th Avenue, is right on my way to work.

Roll and Dough features bings, buns and dumplings (and assorted soups). The bings are grilled, the buns and dumplings are baked or steamed, and all are portable pockets filled with meat, vegetables, or even fruit. Curiously, their menu also features a section labeled “Public Favourite Food,” containing Ameri-Chinese fare like General Tso’s, but on my last visit this section was crossed out in ball point pen.

New York Magazine aptly describes the bing as looking like “a sesame seed bagel that got run over by a taxi.” The crust is thin and chewy, the filling is like that of a dumpling, but moister. So far I’ve tried the Spicy Pork Bing, the Spicy Beef Bing, and the Pork w. Chinese Cabbage Bun. The Spicy Pork Bing was the clear winner. Check it out…

It was like the best dumpling I’ve ever had. For an investment of under $2.00 Roll and Dough is definitely worth a try. If you order $15 worth, they’ll even deliver. You could have a bing party! A bingfest! Bingorama! Bingapalooza ’06!


Blogger Jeff in NC said...


What in the world is a Bing? I've never heard of sucha thing. Have I missed out on something all this time??

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds great! I'd love to have a taste! Now, I have to figure out how to get to 3rd Street. ;-)


8:25 AM  
Blogger MeBeth said...

Jeff - I had no idea either, until I ran across it and stuffed it in my mouth. I'm assuming Bing means Very Tasty Meat Pocket.

Paz - It is a long way for a $2 snack (in your case $4 if you add the cost of the subway fare)!

9:10 AM  

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