Monday, October 10, 2005

POP Burger!

Damn those mini burgers are so so good! What was I thinking? Why hadn’t I partaken in the past? I know exactly what I was thinking – that this little burger joint / lounge and bar was established for the purpose of providing late night sustenance to star-seeking B&T masses in the Meatpacking District (I'm from NJ, so I can say B&T all I want). Restaurants catering to a highly inebriated clientele are not known for their focus on quality - I assumed the burgers would be standard diner type fare, dry and uninspiring. I WAS SO WRONG.

My dining companion and I arrived around 2pm, starving after a morning of athletics and errand running, and soaked by the rain. We would have eaten cardboard with ketchup. I ordered something called “pop burger (2)” and my companion ordered a fried shrimp sandwich (he is surprisingly adventurous that way), with fries to share and a strawberry shake. My companion asked if his sandwich could be made spicy and they cheerfully agreed. Nevertheless, we were dubious. There was quite a bit of chaos in the kitchen and hungry tourists crowding the counter snapping photos of each other (photos - who could be so tacky?). But out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw one of the cooks shaking up a red bottle with a telltale green cap. Could it be?

I had no time to wonder, our food arrived....

First of all, you don’t get one burger, you get two mini burgers. They come in a box and when you open the lid they look like parts of the human anatomy!

Beware - if you are eating with someone else, especially if that someone else ordered something other than a burger, the presence of two miniburgers will too hard for that someone else to resist and he or she will INSIST that you "share," and by "share" I mean give them a mini POP burger NOW! I graciously gave J. one of my miniburgers, he removed the knife from my throat, and we began to eat.

The burgers had cute little slices of plum tomato, delicately chiffonaded lettuce, melted cheese, and some kind of special sauce that looked intriguing and, could it be, In-n-Out like? The glossy bunlets were toasted and light, not too bready for the tiny burgers. It was clear that these burgers were assembled with love and care.

I took a bite and was astounded – my babyburger was incredible! So much taste in such a little package. The meat was fresh and had a grilly flavor, it was juicy, the sauce was tangy and indeed reminiscent of my beloved In-n-Out. They were gone all too soon and I cursed J for ordering a stupid shrimp sandwich instead of MORE! MINIBURGERS! But alas…

The shrimp sandwich proved to be an excellent surprise because my eyes had not deceived me, the red and green bottle waving around the kitchen was indeed my beloved Sriracha, the best hot sauce in the world, and it liberally coated the bun of our shared shrimp sandwich. Even without the Sriracha it would have been good – the shrimp was sliced to lay flat(ish), was freshly fried, and again, the other elements of the sandwich were in good balance. But the burgers are better, cuter, and worth the excursion to the Meatpacking District.


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Blogger deanna said...

I hope you see this comment even though this is an old post!

Sriracha IS the best hot sauce. There's always a bottle in my fridge. It goes on everything!

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