Monday, October 03, 2005

The Grip of Addiction

What did I eat this weekend...

Yes, more Aui Zhou spicy chicken. I cannot control myself.

I also learned that I need to improve my public photoblogging skills. On Friday I snuck out of work at noon and headed to Pearl Oyster Bar, where I sat at the bar and enjoyed the best fried oyster sandwich ever along with a delightful Sierra Nevada draft. And I was too shy to capture it on film. I am convinced that this was a deliberate plan, hatched by stomach in cahoots with my subconscious brain, to force me to return to this venue and eat this sandwich again. Mostly when I think of this sandwich, my head swells with violin music and my heart feels a little melty, like I caught the eye of the sandwich across a dark smoky bar, as we sipped our martinis.

I recall only flashes, scenes of our lunch together. I remember pickles in the tartar sauce, like the little cornichons served at the old Deux Gamins. The top split hot dog bun was painted with butter and just a little toasted. The oysters, all 47 of them, were piled in a mound of fried perfection and the bartender seemed amazed that I finished every single morsel of food on that plate (except the lemon rind, perhaps?). That is not enough information for you, I know. You read and you do not understand the perfection that is the Pearl Oyster Roll. What do you want? What? You want me to go back tomorrow? For lunch? With my camera? Instead of working at the office?

You are right - it is the only way for me to overcome my fears. I understand that it must be done, as a learning experience. Very well then.


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