Friday, October 14, 2005

Beans All Over The Floor

Uh oh. The beans, they have been spilled. R. Raisinhater, my eldest younger brother, was formerly the only person in my family (and really, almost the only person on earth) that knew that I was writing about my hatred of raisins and other such food topics here on the internets.

But last night there was drinking. Not by me, nooohooo, I was safe and sound at home making tasty dinner of linguini with marinara. The drinking was done by R. Raisinhater and my youngest brother, C. Raisinhater, and there was talking, much talking, and revealing of the blog!

And when R. Raisinhater alerted me to this news, I had thoughts of stopping, and of deleting, and of hiding under things, because I am shy that way. But R. Raisinhater has declared my website to be a "Foodicious Monumentary." And even though he was snoot deep in the wassail bowl when he made this statement, it still sounds like a good thing, a culturally significant thing, and a thing worth continuing to pursue even though the cat, she is out of the bag.

So, HI!, Mom Raisinhater, Dad Raisinhater, P. Raisinhater, C. Raisinhater, and all other ginormous Raisinhater extended family members who will now be stopping by for a little read. HI!, numerous aunts who will talk bad about me when I leave the room. HI!, nice people at my mom's office (please stop making her work so hard).

Whew, I am sure glad I didn't write all those mean things about you here on the formerly anonymous internet.

And so then, if there are going to be all these family members and whatnot stopping by all the time, I think it behooves me to post a bit more frequently. Accordingly, I am placing my Fresh Direct order this afternoon to facilitate additional and more risky food experimentation. And tomorrow, and each Saturday thereafter until I am sick of it, I shall write about one of my extra special favorite food things.



Blogger Ashley said...

Yes please. Because then on Sunday I can go out and copy you.

1:14 PM  

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